Dr. Brian Kleinberg has been a licensed chiropractor since 1982. He has been the director of a successful multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic in Thornhill, Ontario since 1983. A passionate believer that health care providers should focus on prevention of injuries and illnesses before they arise, Dr. Kleinberg not only treats and rehabilitates, but he educates, coaches and motivates individuals toward a more preventive and healthier lifestyle. This is an important message for the workplace and Dr. Kleinberg actively promotes it. For the past 36 years he has worked as an occupational health consultant and coach to numerous corporations and thousands of individuals. Dr. Kleinberg is a much sought after public speaker whose enthusiastic message of living a healthier, proactive lifestyle always impacts his audience.

About Dr. Brian Kleinberg

Dr. Brian Kleinberg

President, Kleinberg Corporate Wellness

390 Steeles Ave. West, #206

Thornhill, Ontario L4J 6X2

phone: 905-738-6303

Email: info@kleinbergcorporatewellness.com

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