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Corporate Health Coaching

In the 21st century, most people spend long hours in fixed positions at computer workstations. Research has shown that long hours of sitting at work or at home increase risks for heart problems, diabetes, cancer and musculoskeletal problems. Being overweight and not exercising only increase these risks. The pandemic has made this worse for so many people who have been working at home.

Dr. Kleinberg has extensive experience in treating and educating individuals as a chiropractor and occupational health consultant. He recognizes the importance of a preventive approach towards illness and injury. He teaches individuals and groups to recognize potential health risks and take proactive measures to stay healthy and live longer. Dr. Kleinberg is concerned that so many people spend most of their time in sitting positions and he is passionate about helping them recognize the risk and doing something about it.


Health coaching helps individuals recognize their own specific healthcare needs and concerns, better understand their work environment and motivate them to take significant action steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Kleinberg applies his health coaching techniques by speaking to individuals and at their workspace or small groups of people in office meeting rooms. As a health coach, Dr. Kleinberg presents specific solutions for individuals who perform job tasks in various postures. Using the powerful tool of health coaching, he motivates individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being and make a commitment towards recognizing the value of proper posture and body motion, increased activity at work and personal fitness programs. Individuals who attend these presentations will acquire a clear understanding of what it means to invest in in their own well-being and reap the benefits of better health.

Dr. Kleinberg has found from experience that there are variations regarding attitudes about health in individuals and corporate cultures in different companies. He therefore customizes all his presentations and wellness coaching techniques to fit the needs of the specific group he is addressing. His wellness coaching style includes stimulating interactive discussions and questions and answer sessions that allow specific concerns to be addressed and considered. Dr. Kleinberg’s corporate health coaching programs can be a game changer for corporations that are seeking to enhance their on-site health and wellness programs.

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