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Dear Dr. Kleinberg,

Thank you for your corporate wellness program which you presented to our office staff. Our group talked about the session for days and were so impressed by your depth of knowledge. Your emphasis on the effects of long-term sitting and practical suggestions on what can be done to prevent illness and injury was well received. My staff truly appreciated knowing that they work for an employer who thinks about them and cares about their well-being. As this presentation was made during tax season, we as accountants were particularly attentive to your timely message. You emphasized the positive health outcome of improving body mechanics and paying attention to our health in general. 

What I found even more impactful was how you also pointed out that good postural form influences appearance and the way people are viewed and accepted in the corporate culture. You motivated us to consider the importance of frequent movement throughout the day as well as fitness as a personal responsibility we each have towards our health and well-being. Your free-flowing style kept our group constantly engaged and we really appreciated the interactive nature of your presentation. I received outstanding feedback from all our staff members and everybody commented how the take-away messages were easy to understand, absorb and apply immediately. I look forward to bringing you back in the near future to speak to the rest of our group who were unable to attend the program. I wish you success in educating individuals and groups on the importance of responsibility towards health and well-being. Thank you for thoroughly energizing our team!

Fred Birnbaum, Managing Partner,

Miller Bernstein LLP


Dear Dr. Kleinberg,


Thank you so much for the corporate health and wellness program that you conducted for the private banking division of Bank Leumi Israel in December 2018. Your program included informative group presentations which focused on personal responsibility toward well-being. The discussions that you had with our employees included a wide range of important topics including physical, mental and emotional tools to improve overall health as well as exploring personal growth, spiritual development and social connectivity. I was so impressed with the manner in which you explained even the most difficult concepts in a very straightforward way which all of our participants were able to grasp and internalize.


After each group presentation you met individually with each one of our employees to discuss personal challenges and provide health coaching on different levels to optimize their well-being. Your patience and professional approach were greatly appreciated by all of our employees and the program had a huge impact on their attitudes regarding personal health strategies. Your motivational speaking skills and engagement of the group as well as individuals was appreciated by all. We received overwhelming positive feedback regarding your presentations and individual health coaching from our staff. Everyone felt that you helped them learn and apply your practical and important recommendations and implement them. 


As a part of our wider approach to corporate health and wellness including emotional intelligence, EQ, we have made a strategic investment in the health and well-being of each of our employees. The result in ROI has been beyond our wildest expectations. Your program and the EQ program have combined to improve our corporate productivity as well as employee health indicators to the highest levels we have ever achieved. Your program has been a key component in our corporate health and wellness strategy, and it has been indispensable to making our outcomes so successful. Once again, thank you for your outstanding professional services. We will continue to seek opportunities to work together with you in the future and definitely recommend you to other corporate partners in our network.

Shaul Shneider, Head of Private Banking Division,

Bank Leumi Israel


Dear Dr. Kleinberg,


Thank you for delivering your exciting corporate health program to our banking group. Your depth of knowledge and emphasis on the effects on the human body for long-term sitting, physical and mental stress was a true eye-opener for all of us. You taught us that we must all take responsibility for making sure that we keep our "machine" well tuned. Using the theme of the machine, you explained how it's very important for the human body to have periodic movement throughout the day to help avoid physical and mental strain. You demonstrated and showed us how to practically become more active during our very busy workday and take time for ourselves. You showed us that productivity does not have to take a backseat to periodic physical and mental breaks, and in fact, the opposite is true. The healthier and more focused we become because we are taking time for ourselves during the day, the more productive we will become. As individuals and as a corporation we will all benefit from that approach. During your presentation, I looked around the room and I saw that you had captivated each person in the room. You're engaging and warm style of communication brings your audience in and everybody really took your message to heart. Your presentation style allowed us to understand the intricacies of the human body without getting too lost in the technical terminology.


You gave us many practical ideas to improve our posture, movement activities and mental focus. Your interactive style and demonstrations allowed us to engage in the process and internalize the message so much better. Your message clearly resonated with everybody. After the program I noticed many of the employees were sitting better and paying closer attention to their overall ergonomic environment. As a result of your talk we will be developing on-site stretching programs and other mental health week initiatives for the benefit of all of us. We are grateful for your professional input which is based on years of experience and extensive skills in the corporate health and wellness field as well as a chiropractor. Your presentation has given all of us a powerful incentive to keep moving and a sedentary environment, to become more active at work and at home so that we may optimize our health and well-being. I encourage you to continue sharing your important and valuable message with others. Individual well-being and corporate productivity can only benefit from the type of programs that you offer in the workplace. On behalf of our entire staff I want to thank you again for your outstanding program.


Lolita Gomes, Manager of Banking Services,

Scotiabank Thornhill Team

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